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This section of the website introduces people who have a deep passion and love for their work and for quality products.

Les Petits Celliers invites you to discover them and enjoy their work: they offer beautiful experiences... Read or meet them without moderation.



François Monti :

François presents himself as a cocktail writer, translator and responsible drinker.

He is a journalist, and works with numerous publications but he is also a published author, well known in the industry.



More than just 101 excellent and easy to make recipes, "101 Cocktails" is made of 101 stories. Drinking is both a social and a cultural act. Through these 101 notes, I'll tell you about the cocktails, but also about the people who drunk or invented them. I will be telling you about a few greats of the early years and the classic American cocktail era that gave birth between 1870 and 1920 to some of the most legendary drinks (Martini, Manhattan, etc.). Of course, I will also, focus what has been done outside of the United States, especially in Cuba, where local Cantineros have created an essential style (Daiquiri, Mary Pickford, etc.), but also in Europe, particularly during our golden age (1920's and 1930's) while the Americans were under the yoke of prohibition. We will also discuss tropical cocktails, the decline in quality in the 70's and the recent cocktail renaissance. The world of the bar has generated an impressive number of stories. Unfortunately, many of them are mere myths. Without taking away the magic or pretending to completely avoid mistakes, I hope to offer you a reliable narration that will help you better understand what you drink. Ultimately, these 101 entries are mostly a tribute to an important yet often undervalued profession that has managed to let women and men forget, the space of a moment, the cares of the outside world.





Julien Escot :

Julien Escot has been working in the bar industry for more than fifteen years.

He collects international titles and he is the owner of Papa Doble, a famous cocktail bar in Montpellier.

More recently he opened Baton Rouge in Paris with his friend Joseph Biolatto .



To read a little and drink a lot (in moderation) ! Julien Escot offers 20 years of bartending with 200 cocktails Lavishly illustrated. This book is a real encyclopedia of cocktail.





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